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LDL General Contractors lance lentz

Lance Daniel Lentz

Chairman / CEO
General Contractor

Lance D. Lentz is one of the most respected and most sought after Builder/Designers in the industry. Lentz began California dreamin' about custom home Design/Build nearly 40 years ago – working "every trade" personally before establishing his own General Contracting firm in 1989.

He is best known as Builder to the Entertainment Industries' heavyweights. From Forbes Top Global Brand-Makers… to Television & Film Stars and their Legal and Accounting teams… to Top Emmy-winning Talk Show Hosts... to Grammy Winners and their Management teams... to the Internet's most Innovative Creators. They all share one thing in common, as LDLGC, Inc.'s clients are the very best in their field; they too seek the penultimate in their choice for home building and design – LDL General Contractors, Inc.

In the Field, Lentz and his Project Management Team have an undeniable, innate talent for understanding what the client wants and how to deliver projects timely and with unparalleled quality. Whatever the clients dream, LDLGC, Inc. builds it.

LDL General Contractors, Inc. work has been featured in August 2019's Life&Style (Brad Pitt/Margot Robbie cover) 2-page color spread, Architectural Digest, In Style Magazine, Venice Magazine, 805 Living and Home Ellen DeGeneres – Amazon.com/Grand Central Publishing.

With respect to time management, the LDL team is unprecedented in the Construction Industry. Lentz oversees highly, personally trained staff who have served LDL General Contractors, Inc. for over two decades - dedicated, highly skilled, trust worthy and totally accustomed to the LDLGC, INC. standard.

Additionally, LDL General Contractor Inc.'s "secret sauce" is in its relationships and "repeat" "referral" commitments from and through its Clients, Designers, Architects, Business Managers, Accountants and Client Staff - the perfect ingredient reinforcing its strength and longevity.

Moreover, LDLGC's Sub Contractor arsenal is unmatched when it comes to its "deep bench" philosophy – "several" tried and tested Sub Contractors "per each Construction category" complete team LDL's roster. Each Sub Contractor held to the indelible criteria and expectation required by LDLGC, Inc.

Born and raised in Southern California, Lentz and his team understand and deliver the look and feel of the California lifestyle – diverse and unique – that LDL clients love and profoundly appreciate.

LDL General Contractors renee sams

Renee T. Sams

Systems Specialist

Renee Sams is a consummate builder of business. Sams is a 30-year multi-award winning innovator and strategist. Her record speaks for itself. The numbers don't lie. Since joining the team in 2011, LDLGC, Inc. has experienced exponential growth in overall consistent gross sales. Sams is a systems specialist. Organization, efficiency, and speed are her hallmark. Creating a "Turn-key" operation is her forté.

For LDLGC, Inc. clients are conditioned to "weekly billing" and, on average, LDLGC, Inc. benefits from a 14 day Receivable turn around – unprecedented for General Contracting. Alpha-numeric Job files contain 100% back-up – a transparency formula defining its Cost Plus business model.

LDLGC, Inc. experiences annual on-site Workman's Comp and General Liability Audits plus a recent 3 Year EDD Employment Development Audit. The average time to complete Audit visit is customarily under 1 hour due to the Audit-style structure of all record books, files, and binder management that annunciate and complete the picture and standard of impeccable Operations both In-Office and Out-Field.

Sams assembled an expert, quick-response Construction / Labor Law "Super Lawyer Legal Team" and Co-designed 21st Century Prime and Sub Contracts. Wherever legally possible, liability protection for LDLGC, Inc. and its Clients is our focus. All Sub Contractor Insurance Certificates name Client and LDLGC, Inc. as an Additional Insured. All Sub Contractors are heavily vetted and confirmed to possess a current Contractors License, Business License (where required), GL and WC Insurance. There are no exceptions.

Sams has created, restructured or reorganized businesses nationwide. As a COO, Production Executive and Brand Strategist, Sams experienced lucrative partnerships with heavy weights Clear Channel Communications, Time Life, Walmart Online and all of the Major Television Networks and Record Labels.

Early in her career, Sams garnered multiple nominations and the Emmy® for her works as an Investigative Reporter/Anchor for Tribune Broadcasting's, KTLA, Channel 5 in Los Angeles where she served on-air for nearly a decade.

The bottom line, whatever her focus, Sams breeds success.

She is a dual-degreed professional and has plans to achieve her PhD.

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